Kite Surfing Guidelines


Kite Surfing


  • When watching kitesurfers please stay behind(upwind) of them.
  • Don't cross the Kitesurfer Zone
  • Don't try to catch the lines or bar of a released kite
  • When walking or driving on the beach please watch for kite lines and other equipment on the beach.
  • Kite lines can be up to 40m long. Be aware of Kite and Rider


  • Respect other beach users.
  • If there is an allocated KITE ZONE please rig and check your equipment within the designated area.
  • Seek local knowledge if you have never sailed here.
  • Look before you launch. When launching or being launched please check for people and hazards.
  • Use a proper functioning Quick-Release system with a compatible kite leash.
  • Wearing of Helmets and Bouyancy aids is recommended.
  • Always wear a helmet if you are using a board leash.
  • Be especially aware of swimmers and other water users.
  • Never approach and jump upwind of swimmers.

Kitesurf safely and enjoy yourself


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