Lifeguard Awards

International Lifeguard Equivalency Table helps you decide what qualifications from other countries are accepted for employment in Ireland

Duties of a Pool Lifeguard

While these may vary between facilities, the following are functions, which should be included:

  • Correct supervision of the pool
  • Exercise an appropriate level of control over users.
  • Apply the principles of preventative life guarding.
  • Take appropriate action during incidents.
  • Perform rescues
  • Treat suspected cases of suspected spinal injury.
  • Provide First Aid, within the scope of one’s qualifications.
  • Provide Basic Life Support if necessary.
  • Provide advanced Life Support if trained to do so e.g. AED, Oxygen etc

Duties of a Beach Lifeguards

  • To provide supervision of activities at public bathing places in order to prevent drowning accidents.
  • To provide emergency rescue service in the case of accidents.
  • To render first aid when possible.
  • To provide advice to the public regarding facilities, tides, hazards, etc.
  • To ensure that from the start of the duty period that the appropriate flags are flown and are changed or re-located as necessary during the day.
  • To inspect all lifesaving and first aid equipment on arrival for duty to ensure that adequate stocks are available and in good working order.
  • To inspect the patrol area and where possible to remove any dangerous or offensive items. If the lifeguard cannot deal with the matter he should immediately report to his supervisor. 
  • To record in a daily log book:
    • The names and attendance times of all guards on duty. 
    • The general weather and tidal conditions.
    • What flags were flown and when they were changed during the day.
    • Any information which may assist the Authorities in improving the service.
  • To complete all appropriate rescue and first aid forms.
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