Seiko have kindly agreed to sponsor this ultimate lifesaving award. It recognises the initiative, valour, bravery and skill of a member of the public who comes to the assistance of a person/s in distress in water.

Each receipient receives a stainless steel watch and Mantlepiece clock together with an award from IWS.

To nominate somebody for this award Click here and return the form to:

Lt Cdr John F M Leech

Chief Executive,
Irish Water Safety,
The Long Walk,

Tel 091-534973 - Fax 091-564700

List of SEIKO JIT Recipients

Guidelines for the Irish Water Safety (IWS) “Just in Time” Awards Click here

1. Introduction The aim of these Guidelines is to define the purpose of, and the criteria for granting, the “Just in Time” Award ("the Award"). They stipulate the process by which nominations for the Award will be received, prepared, examined and decided; the form of the Award; and the manner in which it will be awarded.

2. Purpose and Criteria The purpose of the Award is to provide a unique, national recognition for those who, at some risk to their own life conducted a rescue service.

3. The Award will be conferred on individuals or groups of individuals who, attempt to save life in the aquatic environment (see Annex C for definition). The Award may also be granted posthumously.

4. Eligibility Any person undertaking or assisting in a rescue service in the Irish aquatic environment, or any Irish person undertaking or assisting in a rescue service in a foreign aquatic environment is eligible for nomination for the award. Trained Response and Rescue Service Personnel may be eligible for nomination under certain conditions (see Annex C for definition).

5. Nominations Members of the public or any agency, organisation or service including IWS should make nominations for the Award. Nominations should be submitted on the Rescue Award Nomination Form (see Annex A) which may be obtained from IWS HQ or down loaded from the IWS website (see Annex C for addresses). Such nominations should be addressed to the Chief Executive, IWS HQ.

6. Process Nominations received at IWS HQ will be sent to the appropriate WSAC for investigation (see Annex B Guidance Notes for Water Safety Area Committees). The Area Committee has primary responsibility for the preparation of recommendations for the possible granting of the Award.

7. When investigating a rescue service particular care must be taken not to give any indication of the recommendation that may be made or the possible outcome of the investigation.

8. Recommendations from the Area Committee should provide a full description of the circumstances and events giving rise to the nomination. See Guidance Notes at Annex B.

9. Speed in assessing a rescue service meriting the Award is essential. This must make it a top priority to undertake these investigations when requested to do so. As a general rule the Area Committee will complete their preparation of recommendations in four weeks and return them to the Chief Executive, IWS HQ.

10. The Chief Executive has the final responsibility for endorsing and submitting the Area Committee’s recommendations to the IWS Rescue Commission.

11. The Rescue Commission at its scheduled meetings will examine and decide upon all recommendations submitted to it by the Chief Executive.

12.The decision of the Rescue Commission will be final and there will be no leave to appeal that decision.

13. 75% attendance of the Rescue Commission members will be required for decisions.

14. Form of the Award The Award will take the form of a Seiko stainless steel watch and mantelpiece clock together with a certificate, citing the rescue service performed, from IWS.

15. Presentation of the Award The Award will be presented at the IWS Awards Ceremony which will take place in November each year.

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