Press Releases


Christmas 2019 and New Year Advice

National Awards Ceremony 2019

October Bank Holiday Weekend

Storm Lorenzo - Prepare yourself and family for flooding and violent winds

Public Meeting - A draft regulatory framework for Aquatic Leisure facilities in Ireland

August Bank Holiday Weekend - Appeal to the public

2018 Drowning Statistics and weekend appeal to swim at Lifeguarded Waterways

Wristbands to schools for National Water Safety Awareness Week

Public Consultation - A draft regulatory framework for Aquatic Leisure facilities in Ireland

June Bank Holiday weekend

May Bank Holiday weekend

Easter warm weather but cold water warning

St Patrick's Festival water safety warning




Christmas 2018 & New Year Swims 

National Awards Ceremony 2018

October Bank Holiday Weekend 2018

Irish Water Safety honours Jim Warny, rescuer of the Thai Junior Boys Soccer Team

Results of European Junior Lifesaving Championships 2018

European Junior Lifesaving Championships 2018

49 have drowned so far this year - Know the risks this August bank holiday weekend

Five drown every fortnight - Joint Press Release IWS, Coast Guard, RNLI

Hot weather mood increases drowning risk

National Water Safety Awareness Week - how to stay safe from drowning

Ten drown accidentally in 15 days of warm weather

Warm weather advice for bathers to stay safe

National Drowning Prevention Strategy 2018-2027 launched to target at-risk groups (23rd May 2018)

May Bank Holiday Weekend 


St Patrick's Day festival weekend

Supervise your children

Pool Rescue Championships

Ice Saftey Alert



Christmas & New Year water safety advice

Awards Ceremony 2017

Award Recipients 2017

October Bank Holiday Weekend

National Surflifesaving Championships 22nd September 2017

Irish Lifesavers win 29 medals at European Lifesaving Championships in Belgium

Lifeguard Statistics June & July 2017

August Bank Holiday

National Water Safety Awareness Week 2017

Warm weather weekend in June

June Bank Holiday - 80% drown near home

May Bank Holiday Weekend - five drown per fortnight - know the dangers

Easter: Thirty children drowned in ten years - curriculum support will curb child drownings

Ronan’s legacy should lead to a regulatory framework for the Aquatic Leisure Industry

National Pool Lifesaving Championships

St Patrick's Day



Christmas & New Year 2016

National Awards Ceremony 2016

October bank holiday weekend

Portuguese Man O'War are landing on our shores

National Surf Lifesaving Championships 2016

Minister Coveney appoints new IWS Chairman

Launch of Annual Report 2015

Weever Fish Stings

August Bank Holiday

Hot weather warning

Water Safety Week - summer drownings can be prevented

June Bank Holiday weekend

May Bank Holiday weekend - stay away from edge

Easter appeal - ensure that your child is water wise

National Pool Lifesaving Championships



Full moon hazard to swimmers this Christmas

Annual National Awards Ceremony 2015, Dublin Castle

Five drown per fortnight - October Bank Holiday weekend

Team Ireland girls crowned European Beach Champions

Best Lifesavers in Ireland compete at National Beach Rescue Championships

National Beach Rescue Championships 12 Sept, Spanish Point, Co Clare

Lifeguards rescued 173 swimmers last month

Team Ireland makes history at European Championships

Public at risk this Bank Holiday Weekend due to full moon

Working Group on Safety, Training and Employment in the Irish Fishing Industry (CLICK HERE FOR REPORT)

Beware of the high tides caused by the full moon

National Water Safety Awareness Week - Drowning Data for 2014

National Water Safety Awareness Week - launch of 

National Water Safety Awareness Week - Tips to stay safe for summer

National Water Safety Awareness Week - photocall notice & appeal

June Bank Holiday Weekend

Floating Killers are not suitable for Irish Waters

May Bank Holiday Weekend increases drowning risk

Easter Appeal - is your child protected from drowning hazards?

Speech by The President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins at the launch of a Lifeguard Training Centre in Miltown Malbay Co Clare.

National Lifeguard Training Centre to open in Tramore on 9th March 2015

International Life Saving Europe - meetings in Dublin Jan 15th - 17th.

National Pool Rescue Championships - University of Limerick Pool 14th Feb 2015




Christmas Water Safety Advice

National Awards Ceremony (Audience Booklet)

National Awards Ceremony Press Release, Dublin Castle, Tues 18th Nov 2014

October Bank Holiday Weekend

World Lifesaving Championships ("Rescue 2014") - an update

National Senior Lifesaving Championships, 2014 - Brittas Bay, Co Wiicklow

Lions mane jellyfish has arrived in Dublin Bay

Lifeguards rescued 413 swimmers last month

August Bank Holiday

National Farm Safety Awareness Day

IWS Analysis of 2013 Drowning Statistics

18 June Hot Weather Warning

Friday 13th June Full Moon Warning

National Water Safety Awareness Week 2014 - Drowning is a silent and sudden killer

Photocall notice: Miriam O'Callaghan supports National Water Safety Awareness Week

Chain of Office

May Bank Holiday Weekend

Easter school holidays safety alert

St Patrick's Day Festival weekend warning - keep children away from the edge

NINE New Irish Records in aquatics at National Lifesaving Stillwater Championships

Red Status Weather Alert February

Drowning Alert due to storm and high tides - Stay Away From Edges of waterways


Key water safety advice for Christmas and New Year

Thirty-Six Lives Saved in Dramatic Near-Drowning Rescues - Irish Water Safety to honour remarkable rescuers

October Bank Holiday Weekend - Don't let safety take a holiday - stay safe, smart and sober.

Clare dominate at National Surf Lifesaving Championships 2013

European Lifesaving Championships 2013

Ireland produces Two European Champion Titles at Junior Lifesaving Championships, Italy.

Accidental Drownings Double in the last two years

August Bank Holiday 2013

Avoid Drowning for the Remainder of the Summer

Clare at Nat Lifesaving Championships 2013

Daniel Wrafter Referee

Easter 2013

FINAL - Water Safety and Drink Aware - 5th July 2013

July 16th warm weather warning

June warm weather warning

Lifeguard Statistics July 2013

May Bank Holiday Weekend

St. Patricks Day 2013

VAT Ordered Launched 12th July

VAT Ordered Launched 13th July

Wexford Lifeguards Excell at National Championships


Final fact sheet about drownings in Ireland

IWS and Drink Aware 27th May 2013

National Water Safety Awareness Week info for PROs 2013

NWSAW2013 Thurs 30 May

NWSAW2013A for Mon 27 May 2013


August Bank Holiday 2012

Awards Ceremony 2012

Christmas 2012 and New Year

Drink Aware Fact Sheet  about Drownings in Ireland July 2012

Easter Bank Holiday 2012

European Junior Lifesaving Championships 2012

Farm Safety National Ploughing Champs 2012

Heatwave 27 March 2012



IWSA  drinkaware ie Release 2012FINAL

May Bank Holiday 2012

MEDIA RELEASE Loc8 Codes Buoy Emergency Response To Limerick Water Incidents

National Surf ChampionshipsDONEGAL2012

National Water Safety Awareness Award

National Water Safety Awareness Week info for PROs

October BH Weekend 2012

Portuguese Man of War

Rescue 2012

Shepard Search and Rescue Conference

Volvo Ocean Race 2012

Water Safety Evening At The Bounty

World Suicide Prevention Day 2012

NWSAW 2012

NWSAW2012A Fri 25 May

PRESS 2011

 2011-11-21 Press Release for appointment of new Council


Analysis of Drownings 2010RS 

August Water Safety 2011

Christmas and New Year 2011

Coast Guard press release Re Stats

Drowning Stats ten year

Easter Bank Holiday 2011

European Lifesaving Championships 2011

FINAL Safety release 7.11.11

From FN PRESS RELEASE Advice on Safety Tall Ships Race Draft 2011

German Honour for Frank Nolan

IWS National Awards Ceremony 2011

Lifejackets in commercial fishing industry

Lunar Perigee will increase risk of stranding of stranding

National Stillwater Lifesaving Championships 19th February 2011

October BH Weekend 2011

Press Release BIM RNLI IWS Lifejacket

Safe Surfing Poster Campaign 2011

St Patricks Day Weekend 2012

TV Adverts Launch

Water Safety warning  during Floods February

Water Safety warning  during High Tides & possible Floods January

World Suicide Prevention Day

WSDO Conference

 NWSAW 2011

NWSAW 2011


PRESS 2010

Rescue 2010 World Lifesaving Championships Egypt

Rescue 2010 World Lifesaving Championships Egypt - beach

2 Rescue 2010 World Lifesaving Championships Egypt - overall

August Bank Holiday 2010

Christmas wishes from Frank Nolan 2010 to members









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