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The National Vetting Bureau (Children & Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012 - 2016 commenced on the 29th April 2016.

The Act provides a legislative basis for the mandatory vetting of persons who wish to undertake certain work or activities relating to children or vulnerable persons or to provide certain services to children or vulnerable persons.

Irish Water Safety shall not permit any person to undertake relevant work or activities on behalf of the organisation unless the organisation receives a vetting disclosure from the National Vetting Bureau in respect of that person.

Relevant work or activities: The Act shall not apply where a person gives assistance on an occasional basis at a school, sports or community event or activity other than where such assistance includes the coaching, mentoring, counselling, teaching or training of children or vulnerable persons.

All persons working with children or vulnerable person must be vetted prior to commencement of relevant work or activities.  Volunteers/Trainee Instructors etc. cannot commence work until Irish Water Safety receives a vetting disclosure in respect of that person.

What if the applicant is under 18 yrs of age?
Vetting services are available to any person over 16 yrs of age fulfilling a role of responsibility with children or vulnerable adults. A parental consent form (NVB Parent/Guardian Consent Form) must be completed; this is available here, for applicants between 16 and 18 yrs of age  

Trainee Instructors, who commence their training aged 15 years, must submit a vetting form and parental consent form when they turn 16 years. They cannot continue working with children until Irish Water Safety receive a vetting disclosure.

Is it an offence if you are not vetted?
It is now a criminal offence, for a person acting on behalf of IWS, or for IWS as an organisation, to permit any person to commence working with children on behalf of the organisation, without that person first obtaining a vetting disclosure from the National Vetting Bureau in respect of the role for which they have been recruited. 

What if I have lived overseas?

The Garda Vetting form which you complete only covers addresses in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

If you have resided in countries outside of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland for a period of 6 months or more, it will be mandatory for you to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate from those countries stating that you have no convictions recorded against you while residing there.  You will need to provide a separate Police Clearance Certificate for each country you have resided in.   Clearance must be dated after the date you left the country/countries. Seeking security clearances from other countries (e.g. UK, USA etc.) are the responsibility of the applicant. It is a process which can take an amount of time.  Therefore we would strongly advise that you commence seeking international security clearances as soon as possible.

Please see link below listing websites that may be of assistance to you in this regard:

Overseas Clearance Guidelines


Irish Water Safety has now replaced ‘paper vetting’ with a new on line or E –Vetting system.

eVetting replaces all previous paper vetting systems.  We are not permitted to operate a dual vetting system of paper and online vetting.  Please see below outline of eVetting steps.

Forms & FAQ

NVB 1 Vetting Invitation Form & ID Verification Form

NVB 3 Parent/Guardian Consent Form

100 Point Verification of ID Checklist - Accepted Documents

View eVetting FAQ here

Step 1 - Vetting Invitation Form & Verification of Identity

The identity of the Applicant is to be validated by a local Water Safety Area Committee Officer:

  1. Original forms of identification are presented in person, with copies, for verification.
  2. The Officer will sign copies and section 3 of invitation form. 
  3. Copies are then sent with the completed Invitation form to: 

Alison Elstone, NVB Liaison Person, Irish Water Safety, The Long Walk, Galway. 

Please note: We cannot accept photocopied or scanned invitation forms.

Do not send original documents by post. Irish Water Safety will not accept responsibility for originals sent by post.

  • 18 years and older:  Photo ID, proof of address, and proof of DOB. See list of accepted documents here.

Points are allocated to different forms of identification. Points must add up to 100 or greater.

  • Children under 18 years: Any one of the following –
  1. birth certificate,
  2. passport, or
  3. written statement stating name, DOB, and address from school Principal.
  • Vetting subject unable to meet these criteria:

         Affidavit witnessed by Commissioner for Oaths.

Step 2: Vetting Application Link Emailed to Applicant

Irish Water Safety input the invitation form into the evetting system.  The Vetting Subject will then receive an e-mail with link attached inviting him/her to complete an online Vetting Application Form.


  • This link will expire after 30 days. The applicant will then have to re-apply to Irish Water Safety if the link expires. Once expired, this link cannot be renewed.
  • A reminder Email is sent after 21 days if no reply has been received from the applicant.

Step 3: Online Completion of Vetting Form by Applicant

Vetting Subject completes Vetting Application Form online and submits it to Irish Water Safety.

Step 3: Review of Vetting Form by IWS & Submission to National Vetting Bureau

Irish Water Safety reviews Vetting Application Form and submits it to National Vetting Bureau.

Step 4: Disclosure sent to IWS

National Vetting Bureau processes the application and forwards a Vetting Disclosure to Irish Water Safety.

Irish Water Safety views the Vetting Disclosure and updates the applicant's membership record accordingly.

Applicants can request a copy of their disclosure by email.

If you have any queries with regards this process, please contact Alison Elstone, NVB Liaison Person. Email:

Forms & FAQ

NVB 1 Vetting Invitation Form & ID Verification Form

NVB 3 Parent/Guardian Consent Form

100 Point Verification of ID Checklist - List of Acceptable Documents

eVetting FAQ

Information for Designated Liaison Persons

PowerPoint Presentation for DLPs - Designated Liaison Persons

Code of Ethics for Children (PDF document)

Children First - A publication from the Department of Health [490Kb]

WSAC DLP Training Sign In Sheet

National Vetting Bureau (Children & Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012 - Changes to Legislation and Effect on IWS Vetting Policy (Alison Elstone's Presentation,  DLP Conference 2015)


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