Europe Cup 2019

Europe Cup 2019

The Europe Cup Ocean 2019 will take place in Kilkee Beach, Co. Clare on 31st August 2019

We invite all Europe ILSE members to come join us in August 2019 in Clare











Kilkee Beach, Co. Clare

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Competition Events

Surf Race: With a running start into the surf from the start line on the beach, competitors swim around the 400 m course designated by buoys, returning to shore to finish between the finish flags on the beach.

Ski Race: Competitors steady their surf skis in line in knee-deep water about 1.5 m apart. Competitors must obey directions from the starter or check starter concerning surf ski alignment at the start. On the starting signal, competitors paddle their surf skis around the course marked by buoys and return to finish when any part of the surf ski crosses the in-water finish line – ridden, gripped, or carried by the competitor.

Ocean Man/Woman:  Competitors cover a 1.2 km course that includes a swim leg, a board leg, a surf ski leg, and a beach sprint finish. Conditions of racing of each leg are as generally required for the individual conditions of that discipline including the rules governing the component disciplines: surf ski races, board races, surf races, beach sprints.

Board Race: Competitors stand on or behind the start line on the beach with their boards 1.5 m apart. At the start signal, competitors enter the water, launch their boards, and paddle the course marked by the buoys, return to the beach, and run to cross the finish line.

Competition Information



1 Senior over 16 years



All competitors must be registered members of a ILSE member organisation.

Competition rash vests and skull caps must be worn for all water events and skull caps must be worn for all beach events

Age is based on year of birth.



Please use the following link to download your registration form before 18th August 2019:

European Cup Entry Form 2019

Registration fee is €30 per competitor to cover all events.



The most recent Technical rules of the ILSE rulebook ( will be applied at all the events.


Travel Information


Dublin Airport to Kilkee Travel Options Dublin Airport to Kilkee

Cork Airport to Kilkee: Travel Options Cork Airport to Kilkee

Shannon Airport to Kilkee: Travel Options Shannon Aiport to Kilkee

Belfast Airport to Kilkee: Travel Options Belfast Airport to Kilkee



Rosslare Port to Kilkee: Travel Options Rosslare Port to Kilkee

Dublin Port to Kilkee: Travel Options Dublin Port to Kilkee

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