1. Swim within your depth, stay within your depth and never swim alone.

  2. Wear a Lifejacket when on or near the water and make sure that it has a correctly fitting crotch strap. This applies when boating but equally to both experienced and once-off casual anglers fishing from shore.

  3. Supervise children closely and do not use inflatable toys in open water.

  4. Swim at Lifeguarded waterways listed on or in areas that are known locally as safe and where there are ringbuoys present to conduct a safe rescue.


  5. If you see someone in difficulty, these simple steps may save a life:

    • Shout to the casualty and encourage them to shore. This may orientate them just enough.

    • Reach out with a long object such a branch or a piece of clothing but do not enter the water yourself.

    • Throw a ringbuoy or any floating object and call 112 for the coast guard.

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